The Captain

Captain Damian Noyes is your host and tour guide for all your Grand Turk water excursions. Over twenty years of boating experience and two time winner of the Grand Turk Game Fishing Tournament.



''Since I was a boy, I have always loved the ocean and boats. It's in my heritage, my grandfather was a sailor and both my great and great great grandfathers were the Grand Turk Lighthouse Keepers. I have always loved to fish as a hobby and bought a small boat my first year after graduating from Business School.


A close friend and fishing buddy from Islington London encouraged me to start guiding full time and take clients on charters because he could see my passion. In the spring of 2004, Screaming Reels Fishing Charters was born''

After years of exploring the waters of the Turks and Caicos islands and perfecting the art of catching the pelagic fish that inhabit the waters of Grand Turk, Captain Damian focused his attention on providing travelers with comfortably furnished and economically priced accommodation, hence the creation of Screaming Reels Guesthouse.


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